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PSPad unicode 5.0.7 (629) English

#1 PSPad unicode 5.0.7 (629) English

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2021-05-15 14:44 | IP: IP Logged

Download links:
PSPad 64 bit version doesn't contains scripting yet.

SHA1 hash:

This archive contains modified files only. The correct way how to get full functionality:
1. Download and install latest full version first!
2. Replace existing files with content of archive

Changes to 5.0.7 (625)

Code folding support for SQL (Oracle and MySql dialects, rest is supported partially)
Automatic synchronization of File explorer after file save in case when Program settings / Files and dirs is set directory as Active file and File explorer is active.
Search in files results were extended of char position. Click on results line send you to exact file position
StatusBar - dark themes icons support
PSPad informs, if file contains char #0

FTP - handled exception when can't write config file
Macro save/load problem
Word under cursor - case when word was the last on the line and cursor was behind the word
Ctrl+Del doesn't delete spaces before start of next word
Fixed load sections from "non standard" ini like TiDyCFG, Convertors, e.t.c.
Find/Replace with new lines in replace expression
OldSpecialChars in [Special settings] - Program settings / Direct edit
TextDiff - last line was marked as missing
Search/Replace - usage of empty pattern only like ^ or $
Another fixes reported by users

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#2 Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.7 (629) English

Posted by: bluezero | Date: 2021-05-16 13:41 | IP: IP Logged

I can confirm that the macro Undo bug was fixed, but it is not "auto-indenting" anymore like it was previously:

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