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PSPad unicode 4.6.0 (2656) English

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#21 Re: PSPad unicode 4.6.0 (2656) English

Posted by: Andreas | Date: 2015-04-04 23:43 | IP: IP Logged

The first picture is file with non utf-8 open as UTF-8
What will happen if you switch encoding in menu format to ANSI and press Ctrl+R?

Yes first pic is ansi file opened with d. click.
Second one is how it should look like.

After Ctrl+R is OK as I told in Here in details:

When I open ANSI file it looks wrong (status bar tells me UTF-8).
When I change the Format to ANSI it still looks wrong and Save icon gets highlighted.
When I hit Ctrl+R I get a warning.
When I confirm the warning with OK it looks right and file gets automaticly saved.

Wasn't it with 2655 that ANSI files automaticaly shows right and status bar said ANSI?

Oh, it's complicated to me but maybe I can live with that.


I write here, as it only effects 2656, 2655 was OK. And I don't know much about charset sets and code pages and of what you're talking about in other thread.

As web developer I always use UTF-8 and sometimes I have to open non UTF-8 files from other sources like the web or my customers.

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