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Re: Feature request - Markdown support

#1 Feature request - Markdown support

Posted by: ivo | Date: 2020-09-09 13:08 | IP: IP Logged

Hi Jan,
Markdown has become the de facto standard for readme files or changelogs in many programming communities, such as github etc.
It's a lightweight, plain-text and non-intrusive markup syntax, leaving text intelligible, searchable and easily exportable in various formats like HTML, PDF, Word etc.
Moreover, it's supported by many issue tracking tools, like YouTrack and others, and it's often adopted by online forums or wiki.

I'd like this syntax to be supported by PSPad, and rendered in a preview panel.
Imho, it would further spread PSPad's use in the communities mentioned above, making their (our) job easier.

I leave the reference site below.

Thanks in advance

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#2 Re: Feature request - Markdown support

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2020-09-09 13:17 | IP: IP Logged

It doesn't look complicated.
But I can't imagine what should PSPad highlight and how.

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