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PSPad unicode 5.5.1 (783) English

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#31 Re: PSPad unicode 5.5.1 (783) English

Posted by: Gabriel_ACE | Date: 2023-05-03 12:09 | IP: IP Logged

Using chat-gpt through Pspad is the best experience I've had in a long time! Thanks Jean for introducing this feature.

PS: I translated this text from Spanish to English using Pspad and chat-gpt LOL

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#32 Re: PSPad unicode 5.5.1 (783) English

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2023-05-03 12:26 | IP: IP Logged

You can use it for many things like transform code from one programming language to another one, translation, generating code based on your description, text transformation...

Now we need to find some way, how to better integrate it.
I already made waiting for answer in another thread that it's non blocking PSpad.
I can implement streaming answer as is in the web interface if it would be requested by users.

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#33 Re: PSPad unicode 5.5.1 (783) English

Posted by: Gabriel_ACE | Date: 2023-05-03 13:51 | IP: IP Logged

You could add to the contextual menu when selecting text in the window to paste it directly into the chat-GPT window.

You could also add a keyboard shortcut to access this tool more quickly.

Include an autocomplete function based on chat-gpt: This function would
automatically suggest words or phrases based on chat-gpt responses, helping the
user to write faster and more accurately.

Allow customization of chat-gpt functions: This would allow the user to choose
which chat-gpt functions they want to use and how they want them displayed in
the text editor.

whats do you think?

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#34 Re: PSPad unicode 5.5.1 (783) English

Posted by: vbr | Date: 2023-05-05 21:37 | IP: IP Logged

I also like this interesting addition of openAI in to PSPad; thank You.
I noticed an unusual behaviour with some keys, namely Ctrl. This is somehow blocked or ignored in the openAI chat window and the main editor window chatches these key presses instead.
E.g. one cannot use Ctrl+Left/Right cursor key in the chat to jump over whole words or select them using Shift (the text selection is made in the main editor). Ctrl+Backspace even inserts specific characters, hex 7F.
The Tab is inactive too, it behaves like a form fot jumping to other buttons etc. (it may be a bit surprising in a multiline text, but it doesn't matter much.

However, for other possibilities of this tool, I'd suggest to keep the chat conversation context somehow, as in the web page - it is often useful for finetuning the previous results. In such a mode, the prompts as well as the AI answers may stay in the chat window and may be copied to the editor.

On the other hand, it might be also useful, to take a current text selection as a prompt and return the answer directly after that to the editor. (it could be called from the menu, context menu, or a keyboard shortcut.

I find getting the complete answer at once (as it is now) more practical then the "fragmented" ouput of the openAI web page, where the delays aren't that useful.
thanks and regards,

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#35 Re: PSPad unicode 5.5.1 (783) English

Posted by: Ravelli | Date: 2023-05-11 11:28 | IP: IP Logged

Incorrect Content In Tab
Steps to reproduce: Open a file, for example a web server log file, search for something, and "copy" the search result into a new tab/file. This will open a new tab called "Search result". Don't save it! Now open another file from your local drive. Then click on the big button at the top-right to close PSPad. You'll get a warning, that the tab "Search result" hasn't been saved as a file yet. The "Search result" tab is now active, but the content displayed is still from the file you last opened. Click "Cancel" and the incorrectly displayed content will remain in the tab. Here a Screenshot. This issue can be confusing at the moment when you want to continue working in one of the files. After clicking "Cancel", the selected tab should be the same as the one before.

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