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PSPad unicode 4.5.8 (2481) English

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#21 Re: PSPad unicode 4.5.8 (2481) English

Posted by: daparrish | Date: 2014-06-12 02:07 | IP: IP Logged

Hello Jan:

I'm also seeing the issue with the toolbars.

I can also confirm this issue, but I've observed the following that may help.

If I launch PSPad from a shortcut, my toolbars appear normally.

However, if I double-click on a registered file type from Windows Explorer to open it in PSPad, then the toolbars appear on two rows, with the Look toolbar on the second row (wrongly). If I then resize the window in anyway, the toolbars then snap back to their proper positions.

Hopefully this is helpful, since prior to this build, it didn't behave this way.

Thanks for such a great editor, and all the time it must take!


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#22 Re: PSPad unicode 4.5.8 (2481) English

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2014-06-12 05:15 | IP: IP Logged


Be patient please up to this weekend. I must finish basics of file locking and I will publish new build. I hope it will solve toolbar problems too.

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