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Re: Spanish translation

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#11 Re: Spanish translation

Posted by: Jan Fiala | Date: 2004-04-08 11:23 | IP: IP Logged

8.4.2004 Juan Fra - Translator forum PSPad:
> I just downloaded last PSPAD version now. I have checked the entries
> you remark me in your last post and I think they are really
> accurate (in fact I don't know how to translate EyeDropper into
> Spanish. BTW what's and Eyedropper? winking smiley )

EyeDropper is tool to capture pixel color from screen. You can find it
in menu tool.
"EyeDropper" is specific English expression. I mean in your language
will be other. If you have some localized graphical editor, you find
it there.
You can use term e.t.c. "Color from screen"

> Well, I'll try to play a bit with this last version and tell you any
> improvements that I will be able to think about.


Jan Fiala
ICQ : 23032692
Web :

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#12 Re: Spanish translation

Posted by: Juan Fra | Date: 2004-04-14 15:04 | IP: IP Logged

Hi Hernán!

I've been working a little bit with "eyedropper" issue and I have
found a translation that could be useful and accurate for
Spanish speakers (In fact as a Catalan speaker this is only
a translation into Spanish of the Catalan translation made
by Antoni Clavell. Thanks Antoni for your good translation) smiling smiley

These are the translations I purpose

aDropper_Caption=Captura color
aDropper_Hint=Captura el color del píxel de la pantalla

the other topics in your mail were

>by the way, i took yor option about "luego/después", so translate >all to después,
It sounds really good to me. smiling smiley
>and fix the "Resaltadores" issue to
>cCompCapture_Caption=Capturar salida del programa
It's OK
>let me know what you think about.
I think the translation in general is really accurate winking smiley

Best Regards

Juan Fra

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#13 Re: Spanish translation

Posted by: natashka | Date: 2007-09-02 15:00 | IP: IP Logged

Hi all.

I´m fom spain and I think that the best translation for "eyedropper" is "Cuentagotas".

A "cuentagotas" is that phisical tool used to catch a little bit of some liquid. You push the pipe and some drops come inside. Sorry, my english is very bad, ja ja.

The fact is that this term is used in some software to represent this tool that you are talking about. For spanish people will be clear what this tools is.

See you!

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#14 Re: Spanish translation

Posted by: Jume | Date: 2007-09-03 10:12 | IP: IP Logged

hola natashka

como puedes ver por la fecha, este hilo se dejo de actualizar en el 2004 (!!!)

actualmente estoy intentando mantener al dia una traduccion aceptable en este otro hilo:

y si, cualquier comentario para mejorar la traduccion es bienvenido, que en el fondo no soy de letras grinning smiley

acerca de la traduccion del cuentagotas, en su momento me parecio mas acertado poner "capturar color" por como se comporta la herramienta, que minimiza pspad y te permite capturar el color de cualquier pixel de la pantalla, y queria diferenciarla del uso tipico de un cuentagotas, que trabaja en un entorno limitado al mismo programa

por supuesto el nombre de la opcion es discutible y se puede cambiar sin problemas en el caso de que te/os parezca mejor al resto de usuarios españoles, que ya pense que estaba yo solito :'-)

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