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Re: Search and Replace freezes PSPad

#1 Search and Replace freezes PSPad

Posted by: mutamba | Date: 2022-01-25 16:19 | IP: IP Logged

I have a problem with search and replace function. I was not able to find if anyone already reported this behavior. It freezes the PSPad. It keeps running at 30% CPU but it is not responding. The only way is to end the task in windows task manager.

I run Windows 10 64bit in VirtualBox on Intel HW with linux host. I run PSPad 5.0.6 (589) (but same happens with 4.6.1 (2730)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Start PSPad.
2. Create new TXT document with CTRL+N, Enter
3. Paste following text on one line: "Jan alksdjflasdjfa alsdjfl ;askjf;la sdl;kfj a;lsdjkf la;sdkjfk ajshdfiohas dihf aisdf Jan ASLKDJLAJsdfkjlj aldf ladsjfahsdlfohnewrf sidofja dhfoisjdoif jsdo Jan oaijdsfoj adi OOJEFO Djfos dfojaf osdjf pojasdof Jan o asjdo ja;dsfj;aosdjf"
4. Start Search and Replace function with Ctrl+H.
5. Search for "Jan" and replace it with "\nJan". Check the regular expression ticker and search in whole text. (Enter search and replace text without quotes)
6. Click OK to initiate the search

Goal was to split the text so that every line starts with "Jan". (Jan stands for January and it initiate the log lines that got somehow joined during copy, paste and e-mail from user.)

We could discuss this in Czech language if preferred smiling smiley

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#2 Re: Search and Replace freezes PSPad

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2022-01-25 18:24 | IP: IP Logged

Put cursor on the end of document
Start replace with backward direction

I know it's workaround, but it will work till I find way how to fix it

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