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Access violation on "Results of LIST Command"

#1 Access violation on "Results of LIST Command"

Posted by: mydna | Date: 2017-10-14 08:23 | IP: IP Logged

Exception description:

To produce this Access Violation right click on the active window of any open text file and click on "Show / Hide LOG Window" at the bottom of the context menu. Click on the "ftp" tab on the far right of the bottom of the window that opens. Then click the first icon at the top of the left side labeled "Results of LIST Command" when you mouse over the icon. That's when the Access Violation happens. This is reproducible running pspad.exe v5.0.0 (243).

Access violation at address in module '.exe'. Read of
address .

Exception class:
Exception address:
Stack list, generated 14/Oct/17 4:02:20 AM

Thank you for your support and the time to report this!
But please don't put such logs into the forum.
Send them to the Author Jan by mail.
For mail address see PSPad > Help > About
Also please describe most exact what you have done
right before and e.g. how often that error occurs.
- For example:
- PSPad runs for x hours.
- I had n files open.
- Problematic file in question was a *.XXX with X byte in size.
- If I click/do/execute (..accurate instructions here..)
- I had expected:
- But I got instead:
- I can reproduce this every time / only once.
- I had verified that with:
--- older/newer builds
--- on other Computers
--- with other files, and I can report...
This message here is an general text, nothing special to you.
Jan gets all forum posts by mail additionally, so nothing is lost here.
You can still report bugs here, that is fine and very welcome.
Please use an most descriptive Subject line (PSPad version, what happens,...).
Don't post the log here, rather send them to Jan by mail.
Post maybe only some information from the log 'header' and 'footer',
(like I has left back) so others can see that something related is going on.

Program : C:\Program Files (x86)\PSPad editor\PSPad.exe 5.0.0 (243)
System : Windows 10 Home Edition x64, Version: 10.0, Build: 3AD7,
Processor: Intel, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz, 2400 MHz MMX
Display : 1366x768 pixels, 32 bpp
Active Controls Hierarchy:
TPSSynEdit ""
TfChildEdit "_4"

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#2 Re: Access violation at address 009920DE in module 'PSPad.exe'. Read of address 00000048

Posted by: Gorlash | Date: 2017-10-30 03:59 | IP: IP Logged

Damn... I keep hoping he'll finally get this crash fixed; it's been the curse of my years of intermittent experience with PsPad; I really cannot use an editor on the job, when it regularly crashes on me... what a pain.

I'll try again in a few months.

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