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#1 Another wishlist,

Posted by: idefix2 | Date: 2021-01-06 02:57 | IP: IP Logged

Move lines up/down:
If I mark a block, I can move the whole block up and down in the source file. That is great. But if the last line of my block is an empty line, this empty line does not move together with the rest of the block, it remains at the place it was.

if the word that is autocompleted is the first word of a line and the line is indented, the whole word moves a few spaces to the left. The lines
after hitting the enter key for autocomplete become:
(The points in the[code]section should be spaces, but the forum software seems to discard leading spaces even in[code]sections.)

Cursor Movement:
In AHK, the semicolumn marks the beginning of a comment. ctrl-left or ctrl-right jump to the previous/next word, alas it does not stop at semicolumns.

Mouse wheel:
Since Windows 10, the mouse wheel usually scrolls the window under the cursor, regardless, which window has the focus. This is a very useful feature, but somehow it does not work in PSPad in split screen mode (display the same file in two windows). In that case, PSPad always scrolls the focused window, even if the mouse position is in the other window. The feature works if you edit two different files side by side.

Intelligent autocomplete:
When the next characters of the autocomplete word are already in place, autocomplete should move the cursor to the right instead of adding the characters that are already present:
Suppose I want to type the variable cmdbaselength.
I type too quickly and write "cdmbase" - at that moment I realize that I have made a typing error, and go back to correct cdm -> cmd.
Now the word written is cmdbase, but the cursor is between the "d" and the "b". autocomplete proposes cmdbaselength, but the characters "base" are already in place, to the right of the cursor.
If I hit enter, autocomplete completes my "cmd" to "cmdbaselength", and the word becomes "cmdbaselengthbase" instead of "cmdbaselength", because "base" was already there. In such a scenario, it would be better if the cursor moved over "base" and only "length" would be inserted.

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#2 Re: Another wishlist

Posted by: idefix2 | Date: 2021-01-08 01:44 | IP: IP Logged

Another minor autocomplete problem: Quite often, autocomplete adds spaces to the word it autocompletes and the cursor is positioned some spaces away from the end of the word after autocomplete is done.

Cursor movement: with brackets {} and several other (maybe all?) special characters, there is the same problem as with ";"

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