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Re: file specific variable hightlighting

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#11 Re: file specific variable hightlighting

Posted by: Professor Bernd | Date: 2020-10-08 13:43 | IP: IP Logged

Hello Jan. I also don't see any way to automatically highlight variables in AHK. sad smiley

So I suggested Halweg to help him with a workaround to manually add variables to the highlighter (keywords3 section). With a VBScript you could simplify it. You only need to press a keyboard shortcut to add the highlighted word in keywords3 section and call "reloadUserHighlighter".

This could help halweg (and you would have no work with it). tongue sticking out smiley

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#12 Re: file specific variable hightlighting

Posted by: halweg | Date: 2020-10-08 16:13 | IP: IP Logged

Hi Bernd, Jan!

Yes, I like my file specific variable highlighting for Autohotkey.
I can add not only variable names (Keywords3) but also labels (keywords2). Reserved words and command names (keywords) will be added (or deleted) to all file specific ini files at once. This way I can free add commands in new Autohotkey versions.
That all works fine for me and I'm happy PSPad give me such opportunities. The only thing I didn't manage so far is to have different ahk-files open with different ini files at once. but this isn't a big problem.

The reason I wrote this tread was not to miss any PSPad build in features or concept when scripting.

And yes, there's still a potential problem: When PSPad some day should change the concept of highlighting or the structure of ini-files this could force me to stay with an old PSPad version.

So thanks Jan, Bernd for your interest!
If you sometimes plan to add file specific highlighting as a PSPad Feature this thread is the place you may get feedback from an experienced user. (@Bernd: I'd prefer English cause I see no reason to make it a private discussion)

Greetings, Halweg

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