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How to remove "PHP Tags" ?

#1 How to remove "PHP Tags" ?

Posted by: maki | Date: 2020-03-16 11:34 | IP: IP Logged

I would like to know something. Or I am looking for various known regular expressions for "PHP Tags".
I've always only come in contact with "HTML Tags".

Example question: How to remove "PHP Tags"?

Example question 2: How to remove all Standard/Non-Standard "JavaScript Code"?

(<script\s+language\s*=\s*(php|"php"|'php')\s*>)i opening tag
(</script>)i closing tag




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#2 Re: PHP Tags

Posted by: Vany | Date: 2020-03-25 11:58 | IP: IP Logged

you mean menu HTML/Conversion/Strip tags functionality?
try to use help from time to time

(PSPad x32, W10h/p x64 en/cs)

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