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PSPad unicode 5.0.5 (555) English

#1 PSPad unicode 5.0.5 (555) English

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2021-02-09 15:02 | IP: IP Logged

Download links:
PSPad 64 bit version preview without scripting support.

SHA1 hash:

This archive contains modified files only. The correct way how to get full functionality:
1. Download and install latest full version first!
2. Replace existing files with content of archive

Changes to 5.0.5 (553)

Added basic application version analytics. In program settings / Program 2 you can switch it off, there is info showing what data are send. It's simple HTTP request only, you can cach it and check it. No sensitive information are sent, only one time request.
Delete libraries libSoftMeter.dll and libSoftMeter64.dll, they arn't used
Autosave files when close PSPad - new option in Program settings / Backup
Automatic corrections (menu Settings / Spell settings) maintain case of correction. E.g. if defined dt = document, then Dt will be replaced to Document, DT to DOCUMENT

Problem with multiple play macro containing clipboard manipulation

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