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PSPad unicode 5.0.0 (122) English

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#11 Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.0 (122) English

Posted by: vbr | Date: 2017-03-15 14:44 | IP: IP Logged

Hi, thanks for the update!
I just noticed a problem with clipboard monitor and the delete-key.
It seems that as soon as the clipboard monitor is activated, it somehow captures this key; it doesn't work in the text editor (itz actually deletes the items in the clipboard monitor, even if the focus is in the editor.)
Closing the monitor doesn't restore this, only a restart of the program.

As a side note, I like, that this control as well as ascii table, code explorer or color selector can now be docked to the tools panel (and this location is (partly) saved; however, on new start of the program, these tools are not shown, after they are called, they reappear in the tools panel, but are not focused. Could this state possibly be saved too on closing the program? (keeping the active pane of the tools panel would be nice too, if it is possible.
(Build 122, Win7)

Thanks and regards,

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#12 Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.0 (122) English

Posted by: Freeman | Date: 2017-03-16 04:53 | IP: IP Logged

It depends of Program settings / Program 2 - Statusbar functions require dblClick intead of singleClick. It's common for all status bar operations

It applicable for mode switch and popup dialogs, not for popup menu. Never seen popup menu on double click. This is contrary to Windows user experience.

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#13 Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.0 (122) English

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2017-03-16 06:36 | IP: IP Logged

I understand, but in this case it isn't "popup menu" which is executed with right mouse button, but action on left mouse button.

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