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PSPad unicode 4.5.7 (2447) English

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#11 Re: PSPad unicode 4.5.7 (2447) English

Posted by: gnfpt | Date: 2012-05-21 13:48 | IP: IP Logged

I use PSPad to connect via FTP to a z/OS to edit some files.

It works fine but when the file is in a big directory (dataset) the FTP blocks until it parses the directory content that the ftp server communicated.

Even with a script, if I tell it to open a specific file in a big dataset, it loads the file but then blocks the ftp (and PSPad) refreshing the ftp window with the directory (dataset) content.

It may take a few minutes doing so which is very annoying.

On the next build can you change the FTP window to refresh the directory content asynchronously and change the openFileFromFTP() in a way that after retrieving the file it won't refresh the ftp window content?


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#12 Re: PSPad unicode 4.5.7 (2447) English

Posted by: deanhill1971 | Date: 2012-05-24 15:36 | IP: IP Logged

I'm seeing a problem assigning commands to Ctrl+/. Right after the assignment, everything works. However, the assignment does nothing after PSPad is restarted.

I first saw the problem in 4.5.6 (2427), but upgrading to 4.5.7 (2447) has made no change.

To reproduce the problem:
1. Click Settings | Program Settings.
2. Select Search then double click Find.
3. For New Shortcut press Ctrl+/.
4. Click OK twice.
5. Test the change by pressing Ctrl+/ and doing a find. Everything should work.
6. Close and reopen PSPad.
7. Now press Ctrl+/. Nothing will happen. Click Search | Find from the men and find will work.

I've tried reassigning other commands and see the same problem.

Let me know if you can reproduce the problem. Thanks.

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#13 Re: PSPad unicode 4.5.7 (2447) English

Posted by: padfox | Date: 2012-08-07 11:31 | IP: IP Logged

New function - Find file in project (menu project, file tab)

I like this function. It's great to me.

thank you very much.

...yep, long awaited, many thanks!


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