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Dutch translation

#1 Dutch translation

Posted by: Peter K | Date: 2011-12-31 13:54 | IP: IP Logged

Thanks for your good works.
A few minor corrections for the Dutch translation
- In the view menu, the 7th item should be Regelterugloop. It now says woordafbrekingsregels, a word that suggests this option is about splitting up a word that is to long.
- The last line in the view menu is still in English. In Dutch, is is: Volledig scherm modus
- The last line in the Search menu is still in English. In Dutch it is: Verwijder alle favorieten
- The scripts menu is completely in English (one line may be Tsjech or something like that. Not sure about the translations, guess there isn't even a good Dutch word for align. Will look into this later.
- In the window-menu, the 5th line is still in English. Should be: Sorteer betands-tabs alfabetisch
- In the window-menu, the last item should be schikken
- In the help menu, one letter is missing in the 6th item. Should be Gereedschap online (with a p at the end of the first word)

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#2 Re: Dutch translation

Posted by: Peter K | Date: 2011-12-31 16:29 | IP: IP Logged

Took a look at the Nederlands.ini file, found several more lines in English.
I will translate them too and post the contents of the new ini-file over here. Will take a wile though

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