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Re: missing descriptions

#1 There are missing descriptions + how to translate

Posted by: Jume | Date: 2006-06-14 00:39 | IP: IP Logged

i can't help but notice the difference between the language file i mantein to translate, and the language file distributed within pspad, the size relation is about 60kb vs 49kb

and so, knowing that, i found that some descriptions that actually works (i can see them working in the program so far) are deleted in the "final" file, also, i know that the file is generated automatically to update the ";;translate" messages for new strings and remove the old ones, so i guess the fault is somewhere in that tool

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#2 Re: missing descriptions

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2006-06-14 18:16 | IP: IP Logged

All nontransalted lines (new strings) are marked with ;;Translate comment

Simply open localization file, look for ;;Translate,
translate string bellow comment and remove comment.
When you finish it, send me updated localization file. (see PSPad > Help > About)

You can make changes anytime when you find some problems or worng translation.
Your file will be included in the next build.



All files except English are generated again,
missing strings are marked with ;;Transalate, additional strings are deleted.
If you add some own string, this process delete it.
I am not able to manually keep online 33 language files.

If you send me strings, you are add it into your language,
I will add it into English localization.
This will prevent to delete it next time.



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