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Navigation with cursor keys

#1 Navigation with cursor keys

Posted by: ack | Date: 2024-04-09 17:42 | IP: IP Logged

PSPad 5.0.7 (557) 32b
I had the following problem twice a few days ago:

A log file (pure text) was opened by PSPad and was written to by an application.
When I brought PSPad to the foreground I noticed the following:

1) in one case I could not go backwards, cursor-up and cursor-left did not work.
I could, however, use page-up and ctrl-pos1. The keys worked fine in other applications.

2) same problem, but this time with cursor-right and cursor-down.

After closing and opening the file again all keys were working fine.

PS.: I also had the strange "y" character in a file for one time. I am not sure but
I guess it happened when I was experimenting with text-encodings, switching between
ANSI, OEM, UTF-8, ISO-Latin.

Thx for reading.

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