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Re: FTP Problem

#1 FTP Problem

Posted by: hhoefling | Date: 2022-03-09 11:38 | IP: IP Logged

I use pspad 5.0.7(64)
I acesse my Raspberry with FTP.
Please look at Picture.

The File 1) "openWB.log" is a symlink to /var/log
The File 2) "nurpv.log" is a normal file in currentdir.

File 2 can be opened
File 1 can not opended. No reaction


by HH

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#2 Re: FTP Problem

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2022-03-09 12:58 | IP: IP Logged


What list format of your FTP list do you use?
If your FTP server supports MLSD format, switch it on in the PSpad FTP client settings.
FTP server LIST format isn't standardized and each FTP server uses own format. PSPad is trying to parse it but it can't count with all cases.

If it doesn't help, please connect to your FTP, go to folder with problematic link and open FTP log (Ctrl+L)
Press first icon on the left side of log - RAW list into LOG, copy it (right mouse) into new file and send it as copy into support mail. Please don't put it into mail body directly, cause all spaces are important in the list output.

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