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Paste, autoindent and real tabs

#1 Paste, autoindent and real tabs

Posted by: asharkinasuit | Date: 2018-11-10 12:25 | IP: IP Logged

When on an auto-indented line, pasting something (ctrl+V) causes the indentation to be spaces even when the real tabs setting is enabled. When Show spaces, line ends and tabs is enabled, the auto-indented line is still empty before the paste.
Make sure Real tabs and and Auto Indent Mode are enabled
Type some text on an indented line
Hit return
Paste some more text
The indentation is now made of spaces, not tab(s)

Interaction with Trim trailing spaces: when enabling Show spaces, tabs and newlines, the new indented line is already filled with some spaces when hitting return if Trim trailing spaces is enabled, and these spaces are not turned into tabs.

Edit: I'm using PSPad 5.0.0 (277) on Windows 10 (1803, build 17134.345).

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