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Wikitext syntax highlighter

#1 Wikitext syntax highlighter

Posted by: peeraxel | Date: 2024-05-12 09:32 | IP: IP Logged

Hello. I would like to use PSPad to edit Wikipedia articles offline. The main goal is to distinguish the article text from references, links and other formatting. Unfortunately, I could not get my own highlighter working properly. The basic functionality would be to recognize:
[[Internal_Wikilinks|and their variations]]
[ External Links sometimes with description]
and {{Templates}}

Other formatting like
=== Sections ===
:: indent text
and lists (with multiple * and #) could also be indicated.

HTML is allowed within Wikitext. More info here:

A keyword list has less priority as templates develop constantly.
It would be great to have such a highlighter because I like the full transparency dealing with the wikitext source. Is there a chance?

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