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#1 Suggestions

Posted by: ack | Date: 2024-03-03 17:45 | IP: IP Logged

Hi, I'm missing the following functions/features:

1) In the menus I did not find any hint for increasing/decreasing Zoom;
just found out randomly that <ctrl>-Mousewheel works fine.

2) When setting readonly-mode for a file opened in PSP, it would
be useful to open in r/o-mode again when closing/starting PSP again.

3) When a file is set to r/o-mode and then typing something
it would be nice to open the search-window automatically.

4) When sorting with "Remove Duplicates" it would be useful
to have an option to be prompted for each deletion (just like in the Replace function);
further it would be useful to be notified about how many deletions
had been done.

Thx for reading.

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#2 Re: Suggestions

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2024-03-03 18:26 | IP: IP Logged

1. Use Ctrl+ mouse - temporary for file or use format / Font for global permanent change

2. Program settings / Files - activate save file state or in the Program settings / Program 1 activate option R/O mode changes file attribute

3. I am not sure about it. Ctrl+E is incremental search for fast search

4. Duplicates can be in any part of file. It means such prompts will be chaotic and repeating.

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