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Posted by: David-in-Delta | Date: 2023-07-06 00:05 | IP: IP Logged

I have recently installed PSPad 5.07 (775) on a new PC running Windows 11.

I use a lot of unordered lists on my webpages, and I was able to use hot keys.

Ctrl+Q yielded <li> and </li> with text between the tags. It still does. I gather the code is in HTML.DEF and is
[li | list item <li></li>]*Ctrl+Q

Until recently,Ctrl+Shift+Q created <ul> and </ul> with text between the tag. It doesn't work any more. In the old HTML.DEF file it was
[ul | unordered list<ul></ul>]*Ctrl+Shift+Q

1. Is my code for <ul> correct?
2. Should I be in the HTML.DEF file or should I be doing this somewhere else?
3. I am NOT a programmer. What programming language is used in HTML.DEF? Where do I find a key to that mass of code?

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