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4k display tip

#1 4k display tip

Posted by: karelt | Date: 2022-12-20 12:48 | IP: IP Logged

Hope someone will find this useful.
To use PS Pad on a 4k display with 3840x2130 resolution and 150% (Recommended) Scale and layout in Windows' Settings/Display, I made the following changes:

Set the app default font (Format/Font) to Lucida Console-Regular-12. This font scales nicely in Windows.
Set larger toolbar icons: Settings/Program Settings.../Program (part 1)/Toolbar icon set: PSPad_32 (wish someone has created 32 height version of "PSPad classic" icons though, sigh)

The menu font is a bit small for my taste, but not too uncomfortable. Also enlarging it via high dpi settings override causes way too much fuzziness in the editor font so this seems like a good trade-off until a better solution pops up.

smiling smiley

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