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Re: Corruption -- non-ASCII symbols in Perl script

#1 Corruption -- non-ASCII symbols in Perl script

Posted by: swbrains | Date: 2021-10-30 16:10 | IP: IP Logged

5.0.7 (687) 64b

I had seen this issue in the past but not too often. It has happened several times this week. Today I saved a script and scrolled up to continue working and it had a couple of strange (non-ASCII) symbols in the first couple of columns of a line, and some of the original content was missing from that line.

I closed the file and reopened it from my server (using FileZilla) in PSPad and the strange characters were not there, so the server copy of the file seems to be ok.

Not sure when it was corrupted, but this old issue still seems to be a problem.

I saw a post here about a corrupt recent.ini file, but when I view mine, I don't see anything strange in it; it seemed to have a standard INI file format and all lines looked valid. I'll delete it and see if the issue reappears.

Also, I still get random Access Violations, some times after saving a file, sometimes when closing a tab, sometimes the last action seems random or I can't even remember what I just did when it popped up as it wasn't anything in particular like a save or a close.

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#2 Re: Corruption -- non-ASCII symbols in Perl script

Posted by: tmpad | Date: 2021-11-01 10:47 | IP: IP Logged

More and more people seem to experience this problem. It's not limited to Perl scripts:, post #11.

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