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5.0.6/5.0.7 Unstable Please Provide 5.0.4

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#11 Re: 5.0.6/5.0.7 Unstable Please Provide 5.0.4

Posted by: Dave_in_Austin | Date: 2021-05-26 03:03 | IP: IP Logged

Something else is going on here.

I reverted to Reverted to version (12/23/2019) and I am still having the same
crashes after drag-and-drop. I definitely was not having this problem in early 2020, so something else has changed.

Also, PSPad (all versions) sometimes adds a line of about 6 gibberish characters in column 0 of what seems to be a new line. This shows up mostly (entirely?) on XML files I am editing and the XML parser immediately spots the problem. It does not look like the data is getting corrupted. It seems to cleanly add a new line of 6 gibberish characters which I can just as cleanly delete.

I am having some level of problem on two different machines with rather different configurations and tool sets. For example, the one that is displaying the problem less often is tightly tied into Microsoft and replicating 10s of gigabytes of data to OneDrive. However, on that machine I am using PSPad less intensively. On the machine which is showing the problem more often, I am not using OneDrive at all, but working intensively in DropBox. The drag-and-drop operations that cause crashes are all coming from DropBox folders.

At any rate, I will look at the latest 5.0.7 build and keep trying to isolate.


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#12 Re: 5.0.6/5.0.7 Unstable Please Provide 5.0.4

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2021-05-26 04:02 | IP: IP Logged

Maybe problems are not caused by application but OS version. Didn't you upgrade your operating system to newver version? Some Windows 10 versions are problematic.

I don't want to blame problems to OS, I am trying to gather information.

Try delete PSCache.BIN file
Check if Recent.ini and PSPad.ini are not corrupted. You can move it out of config folder and test it. You can retrun it back.

In the program settings / Backup is possibility to backup/restore PSpad configuration, it will create ZIP from all config files.

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#13 Re: 5.0.6/5.0.7 Unstable Please Provide 5.0.4

Posted by: Dave_in_Austin | Date: 2021-05-31 16:57 | IP: IP Logged

Today's crash on
"Execution of Address 00000000000000"
Generally not a good thing.

However, as mentioned, PSPad was rock-solid completely stable when 5.0.2 was released. We are in problem isolation here, and the problem is likely to not be inside PSPad. I suspect something that Microsoft snuck into a security update...since the problem occurs on two different machines.

Note: I was NOT particularly doing a lot of drag-and-drop when the crash occurred although I had perhaps 30 minutes earlier. Instead I was copying small sections of XML files into new files and using the text differencing function to examine them to merge. However, the crash occurred when simply changing from window to window..I think.

As requested, I upgraded to copy 5.0.7 (643) by first reinstalling 5.0.6 (589) and then copying all the files from 5.0.7 (643) into the PSPad installation directory.

Help About now shows "5.0.7 (643)"

I will continue to monitor.


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