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2019 colors

#1 2019 colors

Posted by: therentabrain | Date: 2021-03-02 06:03 | IP: IP Logged

Hi, I love PSPad. Been using it a couple of years. Sometime in 2020 I think the colors changed dramatically. Now they are brighter/noisier, the tabs have a white highlight (they used to be the same color as the background in windows 7) and I just want my old colors back.

Is there a way to restore all the colors for all files and all file types back to the old plain white color scheme? With the file tabs all the same color, but bold for the current one? I do like that part!

Thank you!

(Sorry if this is a repeat! I tried to use the search feature here and open all the good results in new tabs so I could read through them... after spending many minutes opening many tabs, I found out that all the tabs were just the main topics list, and now I'm out of time smiling smiley Google had nothing.)

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#2 Re: 2019 colors

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2021-03-02 07:04 | IP: IP Logged

What PSPad version do you use?
I made fix of tab colors when you don't use themes in 5.0.5 version about 2 weeks ago.

In the program setting / direct edit button there are 2 options with 0 or 1 values (off/on)

I hope the names are correct, i am out of computer. One underline current file tab, second change background of selected tab when no themes are used in OS

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#3 Re: 2019 colors

Posted by: therentabrain | Date: 2021-03-05 22:15 | IP: IP Logged

Hi! Thank you for your reply!

And thank you for the tab fix, that seems good now. But, somehow, it is still a highlight colorfest whenever I open a document. I used to have very calm, unintrusive colors, whatever was built into the default. But now, today for example, I opened a php file which has a html section with a CSS style tag, and everything within that tag is a different (and harsh) highlight theme from the main colors.

I might have broken it worse while trying to fix it over the last few weeks, but either way, is there a trick to getting the old style colors and highlighters, globally for all file and content types?

Thank you!

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#4 Re: 2019 colors

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2021-03-06 05:45 | IP: IP Logged

When you want e.g. change string color for all highlighters, change it in one highlighter, e.g. PHP and dblclick on the string line. It will change string color in all highlighters

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