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change KeyMap settings

#1 change KeyMap settings

Posted by: rbon | Date: 2021-02-22 20:02 | IP: IP Logged

Hi Jan,
I have two questions:
when I open '-> Settings --> Key Map --> Save to file
I obtain a text file with name '' instead of 'KeyMap.ini'
PSPad accept both names?

I have found in [Editor] section the entry DeleteBOL with empty value:
--> ecDeleteBOL=
(Delete from cursor to begin of the line)
Introduced with the version 4.5.7 of 01/25/2013
-> What combination can I enter to make it work?

I have already tried to assign a new value, but it don't works.

Details of my system:
• Windows 7/64 bit
• I use PSPad Portable
• I write mainly text files (ASCII) with UTF-8 coding.
• the file '' is saved in folder 'PSPad', near the file PSPad.exe.


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#2 Re: change KeyMap settings

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2021-02-22 20:56 | IP: IP Logged

1. Keymap.INI is standard file, what is loaded automatically, when PSpad starts. is backup (export) - you can save it and load it.

ecDeleteBOL means delete from cursor position to begin of the line
ecDeleteEOL means delete from cursor position to end of the line

You can assign any key combination, but it won't work if cursor is on the begin of line.

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