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Is it a bug or feature?

#1 Is it a bug or feature?

Posted by: garbuya | Date: 2018-08-16 17:49 | IP: IP Logged

My text is colorized as SQL
I noticed that if you position a cursor BEFORE last closed bracket and try to type another closed bracket PSPad will not do it!
You have to position a cursor AFTER this bracket

For example: Initial text is

I changed it to be

Now I positioned cursor before ")" and tried to type another one.
Nothing happened. Another closed bracket was not added.
I have to move a cursor after ")" in order to add another closed bracket
This occurs all the time with all types of closed brackets - ")" or "]" or "}"

Is it a bug or feature?

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#2 Re: Is it a bug or feature?

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2018-08-16 18:03 | IP: IP Logged

Program settings / Editor 1
Switch off Smart char completion

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