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Re: Complete PCRE Support for RegExps?

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#11 Re: Complete PCRE Support for RegExps?

Posted by: vbr | Date: 2018-06-04 17:12 | IP: IP Logged

I'm wondering, why non capturing submatches don't work (causing a "invalid RegExp" error).
Is this a bug or just a missing feature?

Hi, there are indeed some limitations of the search and replace engine includuing regex support.
In some cases this can be worked around by changing the pattern.
Alternatively the scripting support via WSH can be used which enables the regex engines of the respective scripting languages.
There are some addon scripts available for this, e.g. phreplace (using VBScript)
(which has more adeded features and a nice gui, but there can be some compatibility problems, and sometimes the script cannot be installed or initialised)

I am using my own much simpler javascript addon without a gui, just with prompts; as a single js file, it should work once the WSH scripting is successfully enabled.
If you are interested to try it (with no warranties...smiling smiley, there is still this rather old script: (english info begins further down that page)
it works for pspad 4 and 5, in the latter version there is better unicode support, the functionality depends on the javascript regex library.


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#12 Re: Complete PCRE Support for RegExps?

Posted by: kielschwein | Date: 2018-06-05 10:12 | IP: IP Logged

Hi vbr,
thanks for pointing me to both locations.
Looks interesting, especially the Australian one.

I don't want to insult anyone, PSPad is free, still (and will remain) my editor of choice.
Its neverthless a pity, that the PSPad folks have "implemented" a RegExp engine which is not full grown PCRE compatible.

On the other hand, I can live with the few obstacles, especially now, that I'm aware of them.

Danke & schüß

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