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Word wrap "reformat"

#1 Word wrap "reformat"

Posted by: Pupper | Date: 2017-10-21 18:08 | IP: IP Logged


I am new to PSPad so apologies if this is a stupid question.

Is there a way to cause PSPad to reformat lines in an already existing text file that may or may not have existing hard wraps already? (hard wrap has CR or CRLF at end of line). What I want is a reformat option so I don't have to do "scroll to end of line, delete the CR" for each line in file.

I know UltraEdit has this 'Reformat' feature (CTRL-T) that would reformat text to the current word wrap settings. This works regardless of whether text has CRs at the end of the line. Is there any way to do this with PSPad?


1. UltraEdit can have different word wrap options depending on file type, see
Can this be done for PSPad, so that text files word wrap options don't interfere with other source code types?

2. I think Ultraedit's way of displaying word wrap options is better, see

One more thing: The is not SSL secured. Signups/logins are therefore sniffable/not secure?

Thanks to the PSPad developers for a great editor program.

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#2 Re: Word wrap "reformat"

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2017-10-21 18:45 | IP: IP Logged

If you want to wrap lines, set right edge (vertical line) to position you want. Select text and use function from menu format / Block Format - reformat paragraph.
There are 2 options, first will consider Short line as paragraph, second empty line.
It won't simply insert line break, but format text to paragraphs.

If you want soft breaks, pres Ctrl+W - Word wrap (or Tollbar button of function from menu View)

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