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PSPad extension announcement

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#81 Re: PSPad extension announcement

Posted by: carbonize | Date: 2009-12-15 16:34 | IP: IP Logged

I've overhauled the javascript compressor/packer extension as I couldn't get the PHP Packer to work and I didn't like the way the script worked in general anyway.

It has five options

1 - Pack JS (packs the JS using Dean Edwards Packer)
2 - Compress JS (compresses the javascript)
3 - Compress JS (munged) (Compress the javascript and variable names)
4 - Compare JS Results (compare the results achieved using the previous 3 options)
5 - Compress CSS

You can download this script from and if you have any comments/bug reports please post them in


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#82 Re: IntelliTips

Posted by: chuckf | Date: 2009-12-16 21:30 | IP: IP Logged

I've just made an intellisense type of tooltips, which give you a hint of a functions options. It pops up automatically when you type in '(', or press CTRL+I (changable in the .js file). It uses the context file included with PSPad.

Install it by extracting the .js file to your scripts/jscript sub-directory, and extract the .dll file to wherever you want, then install it with 'regsvr32 PSPad_IntelliTips.dll'

It's a just quick hack I made for myself, and I'm releasing it in the hope that others may find it useful too. Source code is included, so feel free to do what you want with it.

Find it at


Is this still available? The link doesn't seem to work.

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#83 Re: PSPad extension announcement

Posted by: chuckf | Date: 2009-12-17 15:35 | IP: IP Logged

Enhance project usage
Hi, all:
Since I always need to handle with many different projects, the functions of project are important to me. But the PSPad doesn't offer many useful functions for project so far. So I implement some useful jscripts for my self. Which are EzOpenFiles for quickly openning file in current project and EzCtags for cooperating with ctags to go to definition in current project. And now share to everyone who needs it. If you feel any, please let my know, thx.


Module: EzCtags
Files: EzCtags.js, EzCtags\ctags.exe, EzCtags\ctags.html, EzCtags\EzCtags.exe, EzCtags\EzCtags.c
Description: Make PSPad to cooperate with ctags to provide with going to definition for projects respectively.
1. It needs ctags.exe and put ctags.exe in PSPad\Script\JScript\Ezctags\ctags.exe
2. PSPad\Script\JScript\EzCtags\EzCtags.exe
3. Project should be opened.
4. Configure "Project Default Directory" in Project Setting should be existed in project.
5. tags file must be existed and created by EzCreateCtags.
EzCreateCtags(CTRL+=): Create tags file for current project.
EzGotoDefinition(CTRL+]): Use selected text or word at cursor as token to locate the definition accroding to current project. If only one matched, then open the file and go to the definition line. If more than one matched, then list all of them in log windows.
EzOpenLogIndex(CTRL+I): Open the definition which listed in log windows accroding to the input index.
EzDefTraceBack(CTRL+[): Trace the EzGotoDefinition back.

Module: EzOpenfiles
Files: EzOpenFiles.js, EzOpenFiles\EzOpenFiles.exe, EzOpenFiles\EzOpenFiles.c
Description: Find the specified filename in current project, and it will list all matched files in the LOG window.
1. Create project and store project before using EzOpenFiles.
2. Enable 'Absolute paths for files' in Project Setting.
3. PSPad\Script\JScript\Ezctags\EzOpenFiles.exe must be existed.
EzOpenFiles(ALT+O): Use selected text for prompt input dialog to get input text as pattern to search in project. If only one matched file name is found, it will open the matched file immediately. Else if more than one matched files are found, it will list all matched files in the LOG window, and user is responsible for identify the matched one and open it. When files are listed in LOG window, user can use EzOpenLogIndex to open specified file according to the index.
EzOpenLogIndex(CTRL+I): Open the file which listed in log windows accroding to the input index.

Module: EzDispatchLog
Files: EzDispatchLog.js
Description: Dispatch open log index function according to log window magic string of EzCtags or EzOpenFiles module.
EzDispatchLog(CTRL+I): Launch the EzOpenLogIndex function of EzCtags or EzOpenFiles module according to log window magic string.

This looks really interesting...
Am I too late? The link doesn't seem to work.

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#84 Re: PSPad extension announcement

Posted by: crimson | Date: 2009-12-25 10:40 | IP: IP Logged

The link is timeout.
If need it, just mail me.

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#85 PSPad extension announcement

Posted by: francheu | Date: 2010-01-15 09:05 | IP: IP Logged

Code V syntax & clips have been updated for version 10.2
Look here for download :


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#86 JSLint for PSPad v.3.4.1

Posted by: wimb | Date: 2010-01-15 16:09 | IP: IP Logged

JSLint for PSPad 3.4.1

The JavaScript Verifier v3.4.1. Based on fulljslint.js ( from 2010-01-12, by Douglas Crockford.

PSPadJSLint allows you to do a JSLint on a JavaScript file you are editing. Results are shown in the Log window. With Shift+Alt+Up/Down you can browse through the errors. On success, all globals and members are displayed in the Log window.

Additional to changing jslint options is the possibility to push, pop and clear the options, to temporarily change one or more options or to check for only one specific error.

Using jslint from 2010-01-12
Renamed menu item to JSLint

Using jslint from 2009-10-04.

Using jslint from 2009-08-22.
Using, implieds and unuseds counts as error

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#87 Re: PSPad extension announcement

Posted by: mmertsock | Date: 2010-02-18 18:14 | IP: IP Logged

New extension announcement: "MikesTodos".

I have tried many to-do trackers, but I don't like trying to adapt to the constraints and narrow scope of the web-based and desktop-based todo applications out there. So I just used a freeform plain text file to track my todo items. Over time I developed a form of shorthand for marking category and status. Finally I wrote this PSPad extension to automate all of the work required in managing the todo list.

Use this extension for managing a to-do list for work, school, or home. Enter your to-do items using a flexible free-form style, and track them by due date or category. With a single stroke of a shortcut key each morning (Ctrl-Shift-R by default), keeps a log of your completed to-do items. Highly configurable. I use it at work to keep track of my daily tasks, goals, and errands, and use the log during weekly team meetings to discuss what I accomplished. See the readme file in this download, or visit, for instructions and a sample to-do file.

Download from or


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#88 JSLint for PSPad v.3.6.1

Posted by: wimb | Date: 2010-04-08 08:33 | IP: IP Logged

Version 3.6.1 available. Created with fulljslint from 2010-04-06.

Also available from

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#89 WebDev Tools

Posted by: andi766 | Date: 2010-05-31 07:21 | IP: IP Logged


I want to announce a new extension for PSPad. It's a part in my tool called WebDev Tools and it's for parsing PHP projects to generate syntax file lists for PSPAD.

You can find it in WebDev Tools' left menu under "Function Parser".
There will be an update soon to exclude special folders.

WebDev Tools is available for download under

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2010-05-31 07:22 by andi766.

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#90 Re: PSPad extension announcement

Posted by: xymox12 | Date: 2010-08-03 21:45 | IP: IP Logged


Just a quick launch of markdowntohtml scripts for pspad. I have been too busy to document this in great detail, but to use you only need the markdowntohtml.js in the scripts folder. The two exe's are bamcompiled PHP scripts (standalones) of markdownphp and markdownphp_extra. You can ignore/remove these if you wish and not install them. I include them as I tend to use these over the Showdown javascript included in the markdowntohtml.js.

I have had to use mediafire to host the file as the size is just slightly too big for the PSPAD scripts section :(

Here you go

Thanks to all the other script creators for inspiration and bits of useful code.

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