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Re: Using Multiple Displays

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#21 Re: Using Multiple Displays

Posted by: pspad | Date: 02/06/2017 07:47 | IP: IP Logged

Jan, I wrote small sample, but cannot test it, because I have only one monitor:

TMainForm = class(TForm)
procedure WMWindowPosChanged(var Msg: TWMWindowPosChanged); message WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED;

procedure TMainForm.WMWindowPosChanged(var Msg: TWMWindowPosChanged);
if not (csLoading in ComponentState) then
with Msg.WindowPos^ do
MoveWindow(Application.Handle, x, y, cx, cy, True);

This caused wrong Window border on Windows 10

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#22 Re: Using Multiple Displays

Posted by: lucileburt | Date: 09/06/2017 17:02 | IP: IP Logged

I noticed a multiple displays issue recently regarding what appears on which screen; maybe it is a known issue. I am using pspad 4.5.9 (2512).

At my desk I have a two-external-monitor setup with a notebook PC in a docking station; I keep the notebook's lid closed so that its screen isn't used. I run pspad's main window on the secondary monitor (the one without the Win7 taskbar at the bottom). This is the normal situation and all is good.

When I undock my PC and use it with its single screen, pspad's main window will "move" there after undocking (this is correct). When I do a replace the find/replace dialog comes up fine and I enter my search and replace text, but if I check the Prompt on Replace checkbox (as I usually do), the prompt dialog that should show upon each find match is not visible. I can still press Y or N (or Esc) for each found match, so I think the prompt dialog is actually there, it is just still on the second screen (which isn't there at this point).

This happen to me one.
although i came back from a party

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