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Semi-Bug Report

#1 Semi-Bug Report

Posted by: BeeDee | Date: 08/18/2010 03:02 | IP: IP Logged

It said I didn't have permission to post in the Bug Report forum. (? -- maybe that's why there aren't very many bugs reported in there)

On an indented "blank line", the BACKSPACE key should delete _ONE_ indent level, not to the Beginning-of-the-Line.

Because that makes it impossible (that is, unnecessarily difficult) to unindent a line to finish it. (when you have a situation where the auto-helper isn't effective)


For code like this: (I had to use periods for spaces)

...if (whatever) {;


That you want to change to this:

...if (whatever) {;
...} else {

When you go to the end of the "}" after the "do-this;" line and type "} else {}", and it adds the last "}" for you, so you DELETE that, and then hit ENTER, and it auto-indents to under the "} else {", and you hit TAB to indent, and use the DELETE key to bring up the "and-then-do-this;" line, and hit ENTER and it indents to under that, and you press BACKSPACE to _unindent_, so you can put the ending "}" in, it SHOULD go back _ONE_ indentation, not to the Beginning-of-the-Line.

EVERY editor I've ever used has worked that way. (the good ones, anyway)

You can always use Ctrl-BACKSPACE to delete to the beginning of the line, or, if you have the "Trim Trailing Spaces" option checked, it just erases the whitespace anyway once you move off of the line.


Additionally, it would also be nice, for those of us who like to use whitespace in our code, to be able to "tab-to" the indentation of the most previous indented line, too. (is there a command key sequence to do this already?)

Or, simply, if you are on a line that only has indentation, when you hit ENTER, erase the indentation on that line (or allow it to be removed as above), but indent to the same level on the next "blank line".

Again, all of the good editors I've used work this way.

That is really how it should work, ideally.


ALSO, Ctrl-BACKSPACE deletes to the end of the previous line (through whitespace while at the indented start-of-line), but Ctrl-Shift-BACKSPACE should delete to the beginning of the line, and it doesn't. This is a fairly standard feature in most editors.


Thanks. PSPad is SO close to being like most of the editors I've used, there are just a few things like this that are "non-standard".

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