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spelling error

#1 spelling error

Posted by: pdavit | Date: 06/09/2010 09:37 | IP: IP Logged

Spelling underlining is not working for non-visible text.

If you activate "mark-spelling-as-you-type" and scroll for words not directly visible the underlining is not shown.

You will have to deactivate and reactivate back spelling underlining in order to work again for the newly viewed text section.

Also underlining gets cut off for words partially viewable with only the viewable section being underlined.

PS: Sorry for posting this here, but it seams there's a problem in the forum and I cannot post new threads in the Bugs section.

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#2 Re: spelling error

Posted by: pspad | Date: 06/15/2010 13:25 | IP: IP Logged

There is a problem when word wrap is active.

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