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Re: PSPad crashes in Windows 10

#1 PSPad crashes in Windows 10

Posted by: ckx | Date: 07/18/2017 14:46 | IP: IP Logged

I've been using PSPad for years now and it's always been rock-solid. But after our office upgraded to Windows 10, people have been experiencing frequent crashes (several per day).

I've tried setting the compatibility to "Windows 7" and "Windows XP", that didn't solve the problem. I've tried versions 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.5.7, that wasn't the solution either. Could the problem be due to the fact that I'm using the portable version and run from a network share? I can't find any posts from others having problems with Windows 10, I'm more or less at my wits end.

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#2 Re: PSPad crashes in Windows 10

Posted by: Andreas | Date: 07/18/2017 14:58 | IP: IP Logged

I'm also with the portable version on Win 10 and have problems with crashes but I use version 5.0.0.(235).

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