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Re: Help. Accidentally converted text to (hex?)

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#11 Re: Help. Accidentally converted text to (hex?)

Posted by: SereneSavage | Date: 05/23/2017 00:54 | IP: IP Logged

Yes, the first thing I tried is EVERY other option to change it back. It did not work. Try it for yourself by pasting the code.

I tried the same experiment with a plain text file and that one DID change back. But programs need more than plain text. And that Lua example contains nothing special, just basic commands you'd find in any tutorial.

Pspad was designed mainly for programmers, and I know of no program that does not use "=", so it is logical for the user to assume that whatever pspad converts something to, it can convert it back to a reasonable degree, or warn the user that this is an irreversible process.

I agree that I need backups which is why I was trying to write a custom backup program in the only language I know.

My original file contains some complex logic I would rather not have to figure out all over again. It was all going well until my cat jumped onto the keyboard.

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