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Re: PSPad IDE design - discusion

#1 PSPad IDE design - discusion

Posted by: pspad | Date: 05/06/2017 12:25 | IP: IP Logged

I found very interesting framework for docking. You can download and see demo here:

Implementation means rewrite PSPad from MDI (Multidocument interface) application to SDI (single document interface) - it can help with taskbar problems e.t.c., cause MS left MDI interface and it's support few years ago.

User can modify panels as he want and save it.
User can place documents as he wants

I played with trial version, but I didn't find how to:
- have multi-line file tabs
- change tabs color and use icons on tabs
There will be necessary to solve Windows handling, windows switching e.t.c.

It isn't for free. It means I won't invest money if it won't be acceptable for you - users. If positives brings more than negatives to you.

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#2 Re: PSPad IDE design - discusion

Posted by: AndreasW | Date: 05/06/2017 17:45 | IP: IP Logged

In my personal opinion, the current way how PSPad handles windows, side-panels etc. is quite okay. Well, there are some things which could be better – for example, I would like to be able to change the order of tabs in the tabs side-panel by means of drag & drop –, but the LMD demo doesn't seem to support that either. Also I noticed some strange behavior in the LMD demo when when trying to change the order of tabs in the tabs top-panel.

Frankly, I would prefer you to concentrate on the new editor engine. There is one feature that I really, really miss in PSPad: Smart highlighting (like in Notepad++)

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#3 Re: PSPad IDE design - discusion

Posted by: Andreas | Date: 05/07/2017 21:23 | IP: IP Logged

I'm also pleased with the UI as it is.

Even though I sometimes would like to manage the toolbar icons (hide some).

And the scroll behaviour of the ASCII table reacts very strange to me as the selected char changes while scrolling. And it seems to scroll the selection instead of the window. So the window scrolling starts only after the selection gets out of sight.

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#4 Re: PSPad IDE design - discusion

Posted by: DonQuichote | Date: 05/08/2017 13:23 | IP: IP Logged

I hardly use the MDI forms at all. But PSPad's tab handling is great as it is, and is actually one of the reasons I really like PSPad. In most projects I work on, I have a lot of files open, and PSPad is one of the few editors that can show you all the files you work on and even quickly find the one you need with the coloured tabs.

If multi-line tab strips and coloured tabs are not possible, I would vote against it.

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#5 Re: PSPad IDE design - discusion

Posted by: gwinkless | Date: 07/19/2017 16:19 | IP: IP Logged

I'm not a fan of anything that tries to implement its own chrome: it means you end up with windows that don't look like the rest of your desktop, and it jars on me. It probably doesn't help that I still have my windows set up to look like Windows 2000 smiling smiley

The PSPad IDE works really well because it just gets on with it, if I had to be constantly dragging stuff around and moving windows out of the way because it was on top of something else it would be a hindrance to the work, not a help.

Assuming you can move stuff around and lock the IDE like that, and assuming that it's not too easy to move stuff by mistake, I wouldn't object to it. But I don't really see any value in it for me: I would rather you spent the time and effort implementing editor features than visual ones.

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#6 Re: PSPad IDE design - discusion

Posted by: syntech | Date: 07/25/2017 07:43 | IP: IP Logged

I'm happy how PSPad handles Tabs and I'm always working with many files open, editing them at the same time, so I don't see a need to change anything in this regard. As others already mentioned, concentrating on the editor engine would be a much better benefit for all of us (IMO).

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