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Re: Secure connection using PSPad

#1 Secure connection using PSPad

Posted by: keress | Date: 2016-10-20 17:40 | IP: IP Logged

I've become aware of the importance of using a secure connection with an ftp client. My client (knowledgeable on the subject) advised me to give up my PSPad. I spun my wheels trying to find something to replace it. Nothing out there I found was as intuitive and they were both having trouble with SFTP connections themselves. (Atom and Sublime.)

Since then I found information about adding some .dll files to the PSPad program (which I did) and then selecting SSL/TLS connection. I'm a bit confused about that, since it seems to be indicating that this would only work if the site had an SSL certificate. Am I making a faulty assumption? Is selecting SSL/TLS giving me a secure SFTP connection?

I also found information about installing BitVise and using that to make the connection, then using PSPad as the editor. I tried installing but I kept getting error message 10061 when I tried connecting PSPad. Not sure if I need to trouble with it, if the .dll solution I mentioned initially is adequate.

I'm trying to understand better how secure connections are achieved and how I can be sure it's working as it should.


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#2 Re: Secure connection using PSPad

Posted by: pspad | Date: 2016-10-20 19:43 | IP: IP Logged

There are two kind of secure FTP - SFTP and FTPS. Are you sure what kind of connection you want to use?
PSPad works with SFTP only using Open SSL libraries.
It cipher communication, but not a files itself or whole communication include file content. It depends of FTP server settings.

If your server supports SFTP and force secure connection only, it will tell it to you if you try to connect with non secure client. You should see it in LOG.
If you connect with secure connection, PSPad will indicate it with yellow square next to green after connection. In the log you will see certificate, used by FTP server.

Are you able to connect to your FTP server with any FTP client like FileZilla?

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