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No Close of Projectfile on Close All Files

#1 No Close of Projectfile on Close All Files

Posted by: holger | Date: 10/12/2011 11:43 | IP: IP Logged

Hello there,

as I found out, that PSPad is closing the Projectfile, when I use the File->Close all Files Menu, that seemed to me to be a bug.

After writing to support, it was suggested to be discussed here:
1. I close all files with the Close all Files Menu
2. I open the project again and the project opens all files again.

Even when there is that supported feature to rightclick the project in projectexplorer and close all files of the project about the menu there; this is no normal behavior.
Alternative could be a second menu to close all windows in PSPad (then without projectfiles).

Btw. I would further understand that to be able to open more than one project in one PSPad-Instance and even there I would leave the projects opened by using that Menu. (Would be nice).
Anyway, also would be nice to have an external available function (e.g. startparameter) and a menu to close a project. smiling smiley

Please write your suggestions!


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